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UK-based Mondia Technologies is the parent company of Travod International and its sister companies Wordminds Translations and Traduno Technologies. Mondia Technologies supports localisation processes for multinationals in Manufacturing, Software, eLearning, Advertising, Media and Retail.

Founded in 2010, Travod is a global provider of expert language services and agile technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Built on a strong belief that content should be accessible to everyone, transcending linguistic, cultural, and geographical boundaries, Travod came a long way to become one of the language industry’s leading players.

Wordminds is a customer-centric multimedia and e-learning specialist. With a focus on quality and personalisation, Wordminds combines agile processes and adaptable workflows to bring your content objectives to life.


Traduno is a dedicated team of developers working in close collaboration with Language Service Providers (LSPs) to craft tailor-made Translation Business Management Solutions. Traduno’s comprehensive software suite envelops every facet of localisation operations.